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Why join LeaderTICE?

LeaderTICE is a recommendation system of free e-learning platforms that takes into account more than 20 platforms. The choice of these platforms is based on a methodical and systemic approach taking into account the software engineering aspects, learning theories and current educational tools. Our main goal is to propose the most suitable platform which meshes with the objectives and contexts of teaching and learning of any institution.
Four important functionalities contained in this system for the recommendation of e-learning platforms have been distinguished:

Selection System

LeaderTICE system takes into account more than 20 platforms selected among 600 platforms listed by THOT CURSUS directory

Recommendation System

LeaderTICE you recommend the most suitable platform according to your own criteria and your chosen pedagogical needs in the development of the teaching and learning devices that you are proposing.

Personalization System

The recommended platform will be installed in a personalized manner according to the needs you have expressed.

Implementation System

The system you offer the possibility to automatically install the recommended platform.

Latest recommended e-learning platforms

the e-learning platform is a computing device that groups several tools and ensures the educational conduits. Across dedicated platforms to the ODL (Open and distance learning), all conduits are preserved and expanded for the learner, tutor, administrator, etc. within the e-learning platform.

  • Plateforme Moodle


Est une plate-forme d'apprentissage en ligne sous licence libre servant à créer des communautés s'instruisant autour de contenus et d'activités pédagogiques.

  • Plateforme Sakai
LMS6 Days


Est un ensemble d'institutions académiques, d'organisations commerciales et d'individus collaborant au développement d'un environnement d'apprentissage.

  • Plateforme Opigno
LMS6 Days


Est une plateforme de e-learning Open Source, basée sur Drupal, permettant de concevoir et de gérer l'ensemble de vos formations en ligne et d'accompagner des apprenants.

  • Plateforme Atutor
LCMS6 Days


Est un système d'apprentissage de gestion de contenu Web Open Source (LCMS). ATutor est utilisé dans divers contextes, y compris la gestion en ligne de cours.

Next e-learning platforms to be recommended



Est une plateforme d'apprentissage en ligne. Elle héberge et met gratuitement à disposition des cours en ligne de niveau universitaire à travers le monde entier.

  • Duration : 25 Days
  • Details


Ganesha NEW

Est une plate-forme d'apprentissage en ligne qui met l'accent sur des parcours individualisés. Au contraire des plates-formes orientées « contenu ».

  • Duration : 30 Days
  • Details


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